Christian Associates Network (CAN) began in 2000 when Christian Associates International arrived in Glasgow to lay the foundation for developing a church and ministry resourcing team. In 2002, Mosaic church, CAN’s first initiative, was formed and the team grew to 4 staff couples. Over the years, the ministry of CAN evolved along with the team that supports the network.

In 2014, a weekly Bible study became a church and  CAN now supports this exciting project (Upper Room Church). In 2015, ‘Mosaic’ became an independent church no longer affiliated with CAN and the charity was renamed to Christian Associates Network to better reflect the broad purposes of the charity and its new future.

CAN also sponsors missionaries to start churches in Scotland, seeks & provides funding for various Christian ministries, and is active in networking and resourcing Christians to start churches or develop initiatives that share the gospel.

If you’d like to know more abut CAN or feel you can help our ministry, then please contact us using the form at the top of the page.

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